elora + rob

spring about town

golden valley + minneapolis, mn

We spent the day wandering around the Twin Cities for Elora + Rob’s engagement shoot. The couple brought a few items to make their pictures personal. Their pooch, Bailey, even made an appearance! We’re excited to be part of their wedding this fall.

Elora+Rob__025 Elora+Rob__030 Elora+Rob__032 Elora+Rob__034 Elora+Rob__035 Elora+Rob__039 Elora+Rob__047 Elora+Rob__055 Elora+Rob__056Elora+Rob__064 Elora+Rob__067 Elora+Rob__071 Elora+Rob__083 Elora+Rob__085 Elora+Rob__089 Elora+Rob__090Elora+Rob__001Elora+Rob__016Elora+Rob__018Elora+Rob__009Elora+Rob__022Elora+Rob__021

2 thoughts on “elora + rob

  1. Rob and Elora. What wonderful, wonderful pictures!!! Hope you are able to get one of each. How could you ever chose. Love you guys. Grandma Kathy


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