tricia + nic

rainy day in may

golden valley, mn


What a beautiful wedding! Tricia + Nic got married at the Theodore Wirth Park Chalet on a rainy day in May, surrounded by friends and family.The couple, who had
been together for years, made the best of the rain and ventured out to take pictures around the soggy golf course. But hey – rain on your wedding day brings good luck!


Tricia+Nic SP01Tricia+Nic SP26Tricia+Nic SP27Tricia+Nic SP11Tricia+Nic SP30 Tricia+Nic SP29Tricia+Nic SP10Tricia+Nic SP03Tricia+Nic SP12Tricia+Nic SP13Tricia+Nic SP22Tricia+Nic SP20Tricia+Nic SP14Tricia+Nic SP09Tricia+Nic SP18Tricia+Nic SP23Tricia+Nic SP07Tricia+Nic SP15Tricia+Nic SP21Tricia+Nic SP06

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