melissa + neal

a nature walk

northfield, mn


Bridges are a romantic spot for Neil’s family. Both he and his brother proposed on bridges – and Melissa said yes. Melissa + Neil met at school – as teachers – and love spending time together on nature walks. We joined them on a Sunday morning walk through the Carlton College Arboretum for their engagement photos.


Melissa+Neil007Melissa+Neil006 Melissa+Neil009 Melissa+Neil011Melissa+Neil089Melissa+Neil013 Melissa+Neil014 Melissa+Neil015 Melissa+Neil019 Melissa+Neil024 Melissa+Neil036 Melissa+Neil039 Melissa+Neil043 Melissa+Neil044 Melissa+Neil047Melissa+Neil092Melissa+Neil051 Melissa+Neil052 Melissa+Neil056 Melissa+Neil058 Melissa+Neil061 Melissa+Neil064 Melissa+Neil067 Melissa+Neil070 Melissa+Neil075 Melissa+Neil077Melissa+Neil087

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