amber + matt

a playful engagement

minneapolis, mn

This creative couple wanted their engagement shoot to feel personal, so they brought props important to them: Scrabble (because of their game nights), personalized Diet Coke (because Matt’s dad works at Coke), and their Warrior Dash medals (because that’s quite an accomplishment!). We had a blast with Amber and Matt’s engagement shoot, and we can’t wait until their wedding this fall!

Amber + Matt Engagement003 Amber + Matt Engagement011 Amber + Matt Engagement054 Amber + Matt Engagement055 Amber + Matt Engagement018 Amber + Matt Engagement067 Amber + Matt Engagement021 Amber + Matt Engagement061 Amber + Matt Engagement002 Amber + Matt Engagement024 Amber + Matt Engagement065 Amber + Matt Engagement027 Amber + Matt Engagement072 Amber + Matt Engagement070 Amber + Matt Engagement036 Amber + Matt Engagement043 Amber + Matt Engagement081 Amber + Matt Engagement045 Amber + Matt Engagement082 Amber + Matt Engagement050 Amber + Matt Engagement086

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