lana + eugene

a playful downtown engagement

minneapolis, mn

These Minneapolis transplants had a blast exploring both sides of the Stone Arch Bridge. Lana and Eugene are a fun and playful couple clearly in love. We can’t wait until their wedding next year at a Stillwater flower farm!

Lana+Eugene006 Lana+Eugene002 Lana+Eugene003 Lana+Eugene004 Lana+Eugene005 Lana+Eugene011 Lana+Eugene009 Lana+Eugene010 Lana+Eugene013 Lana+Eugene014 Lana+Eugene017 Lana+Eugene016 Lana+Eugene018 Lana+Eugene020 Lana+Eugene022 Lana+Eugene023 Lana+Eugene027 Lana+Eugene030 Lana+Eugene033 Lana+Eugene051 Lana+Eugene034 Lana+Eugene044 Lana+Eugene047 Lana+Eugene066 Lana+Eugene068 Lana+Eugene080 Lana+Eugene092 Lana+Eugene083 Lana+Eugene097 Lana+Eugene101

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