megan + mitch

animal lovers

new prague, mn

An engagement session for Megan and Mitch wouldn’t be complete without including all of their animals – two dogs, two horses, and a dozen chickens. This couple is clearly in love with each other and their four-legged friends.
Their January 2016 wedding is sure to be romantic!

Megan+Mitch032 Megan+Mitch007 Megan+Mitch039 Megan+Mitch026 Megan+Mitch020 Megan+Mitch009 Megan+Mitch160 Megan+Mitch064 Megan+Mitch065 Megan+Mitch077 Megan+Mitch079 Megan+Mitch087 Megan+Mitch082 Megan+Mitch049Megan+Mitch052Megan+Mitch059 Megan+Mitch126 Megan+Mitch153 Megan+Mitch155 Megan+Mitch152 Megan+Mitch151 Megan+Mitch147 Megan+Mitch096 Megan+Mitch130 Megan+Mitch135 Megan+Mitch124 Megan+Mitch123 Megan+Mitch119 Megan+Mitch137 Megan+Mitch117 Megan+Mitch115 Megan+Mitch106 Megan+Mitch100 Megan+Mitch146

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