kayti + zach

rustic river wedding

Penninsula Point Park, Anoka, MN

This great couple traveled from North Dakota to the groom’s hometown of Anoka to get married on the Mississippi River. They had a gorgeous outdoor ceremony – which wrapped up just before a thunderstorm. Rain on your wedding day brings prosperity to a marriage – best of luck to Kayti and Zach!

Kayti+Zach002 Kayti+Zach005 Kayti+Zach001 Kayti+Zach032 Kayti+Zach006 Kayti+Zach009 Kayti+Zach008 Kayti+Zach010 Kayti+Zach019 Kayti+Zach018 Kayti+Zach033 Kayti+Zach035 Kayti+Zach034 Kayti+Zach036 Kayti+Zach037 Kayti+Zach038 Kayti+Zach039 Kayti+Zach027 Kayti+Zach026 Kayti+Zach013 Kayti+Zach023 Kayti+Zach017 Kayti+Zach045 Kayti+Zach046

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