alicia + derek

hometown sweethearts

white bear lake, mn

Alicia and Derek are very much in love and everyone around them can feel it. Together they are a fun and laid-back couple – even when the bride gets tar on her wedding dress before the ceremony! (Thanks to the dry-cleaners in White Bear Lake who opened up to help out the bride!) Best of luck to this great couple.

Alicia+Derek017 Alicia+Derek005 Alicia+Derek018 Alicia+Derek019 Alicia+Derek020 Alicia+Derek021 Alicia+Derek022 Alicia+Derek006 Alicia+Derek008 Alicia+Derek007 Alicia+Derek011 Alicia+Derek002 Alicia+Derek027 Alicia+Derek025 Alicia+Derek023 Alicia+Derek029 Alicia+Derek009 Alicia+Derek030 Alicia+Derek032 Alicia+Derek031 Alicia+Derek015 Alicia+Derek026 Alicia+Derek024

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