kelsey + brandyn

autumn engagement

minneapolis, mn

Kelsey and Brandyn are an easy-going couple that’s all smiles – so we spent a relaxing autumn morning in downtown Minneapolis for their engagement shoot.
We hope their wedding day is just a beautiful and relaxed.

Brandon+Kelsey_-9 Brandon+Kelsey_-57 Brandon+Kelsey_-13 Brandon+Kelsey_-60 Brandon+Kelsey_-55 Brandon+Kelsey_-56 Brandon+Kelsey_-74 Brandon+Kelsey_-61 Brandon+Kelsey_-63 Brandon+Kelsey_-29 Brandon+Kelsey_-70 Brandon+Kelsey_-24 Brandon+Kelsey_-25 Brandon+Kelsey_-43 Brandon+Kelsey_-48 Brandon+Kelsey_-53 Brandon+Kelsey_-78 Brandon+Kelsey_-80 Brandon+Kelsey_-81 Brandon+Kelsey_-82 Brandon+Kelsey_-83 Brandon+Kelsey_-85

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