taylor + kaleb

fall colors

westwood hills nature center, st. louis park, mn

These two met, on recommendation from Taylor’s sister, while both were working and learning at the University of Minnesota. After more than two years of engagement they will have a gorgeous fall wedding in 2016 – and we can’t wait!

Taylor+Kaleb_3 Taylor+Kaleb_30 Taylor+Kaleb_32 Taylor+Kaleb_31 Taylor+Kaleb_44 Taylor+Kaleb_48 Taylor+Kaleb_50 Taylor+Kaleb_51 Taylor+Kaleb_81 Taylor+Kaleb_83 Taylor+Kaleb_61 Taylor+Kaleb_57 Taylor+Kaleb_63 Taylor+Kaleb_67 Taylor+Kaleb_84 Taylor+Kaleb_85 Taylor+Kaleb_86 Taylor+Kaleb_90 Taylor+Kaleb_102 Taylor+Kaleb_107 Taylor+Kaleb_113 Taylor+Kaleb_71Taylor+Kaleb_108 Taylor+Kaleb_134 Taylor+Kaleb_125 Taylor+Kaleb_8 Taylor+Kaleb_23 Taylor+Kaleb_2

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