dani + jake

autumn love

minneapolis, mn

The fall season brings beautiful foliage, football, and – for Dani and Jake – love. The two met through football – both for their passion for the sport as well as their involvement in it. Now the couple is planning their wedding next fall,
so what better setting for their engagement session.
We can’t wait to be part of their wedding celebration next year!

Dani+Jake_20 Dani+Jake_24 Dani+Jake_25 Dani+Jake_34 Dani+Jake_41 Dani+Jake_39 Dani+Jake_59 Dani+Jake_49Dani+Jake_52 Dani+Jake_53 Dani+Jake_44 Dani+Jake_43 Dani+Jake_64 Dani+Jake_70 Dani+Jake_63 Dani+Jake_89 Dani+Jake_127 Dani+Jake_76 Dani+Jake_124 Dani+Jake_105 Dani+Jake_74 Dani+Jake_110 Dani+Jake_82 Dani+Jake_162 Dani+Jake_15 Dani+Jake_139 Dani+Jake_150 Dani+Jake_3 Dani+Jake_2

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