elora + rob


theodore wirth park, minneapolis, mn

It was so fun to be part of a wedding nearly 10 years in the making. Elora and Rob are high school sweethearts whose families were overjoyed on their wedding day. The couple’s love and joy was contagious. Good luck, Elora and Rob!

Elora + Rob020 Elora + Rob003 Elora + Rob006 Elora + Rob004 Elora + Rob019 Elora + Rob023 Elora + Rob014 Elora + Rob013 Elora + Rob010 Elora + Rob011 Elora + Rob015 Elora + Rob016 Rob_RAWR_2 Rob_RAWR_1 Rob_RAWR_4 Elora + Rob017 Elora + Rob028 Elora + Rob034 Elora + Rob027 Elora + Rob029 Elora + Rob033 Elora + Rob032 Elora + Rob037 Elora + Rob035 Elora + Rob044 Elora + Rob046 Elora + Rob039 Elora + Rob043

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