alicia + tim

a family affair

new prague, minnesota

There are some clients who take us in as if we are family – and we feel the same way about our clients. This is how it is with Alicia + Tim and their family. Alicia is actually Megan‘s sister, and both got married at the same church as their parents. Their family has taken us in as one of their own – and it makes capturing their special day so much sweeter. Congrats and best wishes to Alicia + Tim!

Alicia+Tim_Sneak Peek_008Alicia+Tim_Sneak Peek_006Alicia+Tim_Sneak Peek_010Alicia+Tim_Sneak Peek_009Alicia+Tim_Sneak Peek_011Alicia+Tim_Sneak Peek_001Alicia+Tim_Sneak Peek_015Alicia+Tim_Sneak Peek_012Alicia+Tim_Sneak Peek_018Alicia+Tim_Sneak Peek_019Alicia+Tim_Sneak Peek_021Alicia+Tim_Sneak Peek_020Alicia+Tim_Sneak Peek_016Alicia+Tim_Sneak Peek_014Alicia+Tim_Sneak Peek_022Alicia+Tim_Sneak Peek_023Alicia+Tim_Sneak Peek_024Alicia+Tim_Sneak Peek_028Alicia+Tim_Sneak Peek_030Alicia+Tim_Sneak Peek_026Alicia+Tim_Sneak Peek_027

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