lana + eugene

sweet rose garden wedding

stillwater, minnesota

Lana + Eugene are a self-described nerdy couple (their ring bearer delivered their rings in a Pokemon ball) who hosted one of our favorite weddings ever. Their nuptials were held at one of the sweetest venues we’ve seen – Camrose Hill Rose Garden in Stillwater. With a setting that gorgeous and a love so obviously sweet, it was hard to let a thunderstorm ruin their wedding day. Congratulations Lana + Eugene!

Lana+Eugene_Sneak Peek_002Lana+Eugene_Sneak Peek_003Lana+Eugene_Sneak Peek_004Lana+Eugene_Sneak Peek_005Lana+Eugene_Sneak Peek_014Lana+Eugene_Sneak Peek_006Lana+Eugene_Sneak Peek_027Lana+Eugene_Sneak Peek_007Lana+Eugene_Sneak Peek_008Lana+Eugene_Sneak Peek_009Lana+Eugene_Sneak Peek_022Lana+Eugene_Sneak Peek_023Lana+Eugene_Sneak Peek_024Lana+Eugene_Sneak Peek_025Lana+Eugene_Sneak Peek_026Lana+Eugene_Sneak Peek_021Lana+Eugene_Sneak Peek_001Lana+Eugene_Sneak Peek_015Lana+Eugene_Sneak Peek_010Lana+Eugene_Sneak Peek_016Lana+Eugene_Sneak Peek_019Lana+Eugene_Sneak Peek_012Lana+Eugene_Sneak Peek_013Lana+Eugene_Sneak Peek_011Lana+Eugene_Sneak Peek_029

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