shayna + dustin

outdoor adventurers

cowling arboretum, northfield, minnesota

Another family engagement shoot – we love it! Shayna + Dustin are part of creative assistant Sarah’s extended family and are getting married in a much-anticipated sunrise ceremony next spring. As you can see, these high school sweethearts are outdoorsy and adventurous. They were willing to go out on a limb to get the shot. We can’t wait to photograph their wedding! Congratulations, Shayna + Dustin!

Shayna + Dustin002 copyShayna + Dustin006 copyShayna + Dustin016 copyShayna + Dustin015 copyShayna + Dustin014 copyShayna + Dustin012 copyShayna + Dustin018 copyShayna + Dustin019 copyShayna + Dustin060 copyShayna + Dustin045 copyShayna + Dustin051 copyShayna + Dustin058 copyShayna + Dustin031 copyShayna + Dustin030 copyShayna + Dustin027 copyShayna + Dustin063 copy.BWShayna + Dustin043 copyShayna + Dustin053Shayna + Dustin073 copyShayna + Dustin037 copyShayna + Dustin034 copyShayna + Dustin038 copy.BWShayna + Dustin041 copyShayna + Dustin081 copy

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