kelsey + brandyn

colorful summertime wedding

montgomery and faribault, minnesota

Kelsey + Brandyn had a joyful – and quite colorful – June wedding. Kelsey couldn’t decide on just one color so she chose every color of the rainbow, which is a great example of the bride’s free-spirit. Plus, she adapted her mother’s dress to wear as her own – such a sweet touch. Surrounded by friends and family, there were a lot of laughs at Kelsey + Brandyn’s wedding, which is how it should be!
Congratulations Kelsey + Brandyn!

Kelsey + Brandyn Sneak Peek01Kelsey + Brandyn 0000-12.BWKelsey + Brandyn 0000-17.BWKelsey + Brandyn Sneak Peek06Kelsey + Brandyn Sneak Peek02 copyKelsey + Brandyn Sneak Peek07Kelsey + Brandyn Sneak Peek08Kelsey + Brandyn 0000-975.BWKelsey + Brandyn Sneak Peek09Kelsey + Brandyn 0000-1169Kelsey + Brandyn Sneak Peek03Kelsey + Brandyn Sneak Peek13Kelsey + Brandyn Sneak Peek18Kelsey + Brandyn 0000-749Kelsey + Brandyn Sneak Peek05Kelsey + Brandyn Sneak Peek04Kelsey + Brandyn Sneak Peek12Kelsey + Brandyn Sneak Peek11.BWKelsey + Brandyn Sneak Peek15Kelsey + Brandyn 0000-1584Kelsey + Brandyn Sneak Peek14Kelsey + Brandyn Sneak Peek19Kelsey + Brandyn Sneak Peek20.BWKelsey + Brandyn 0000-2023.BW

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