melissa + neal

romantic farm wedding

northfield, minnesota

What a sweet wedding day! Melissa + Neal exchanged vows and celebrated on Melissa’s family farm with adoring family and friends. The whole day was filled with belly-laughs, smiles, and happy tears. The reception weathered a quick thunderstorm (rain on a wedding day brings good luck and good fortune) before the sweetest mother-son and father-daughter dances including both of Melissa’s children. It’s clear they are all one big happy family. Congratulations Melissa + Neal!

Melissa + Neil-15Melissa & Neil-112-2Melissa + Neil-87Melissa & Neil-407-2.BWMelissa & Neil-216-2Melissa & Neil-203-2.BWMelissa + Neil-213Melissa & Neil-194-2Melissa & Neil-239-2Melissa + Neil-249.BWMelissa & Neil-292-2.BWMelissa & Neil-356-2Melissa & Neil-316-2Melissa & Neil-1305.BWMelissa + Neil-408Melissa + Neil-642Melissa + Neil-679Melissa & Neil-793-2.BWMelissa + Neil-372Melissa + Neil-875.BWMelissa + Neil-898Melissa + Neil-400.BWemulsionMelissa + Neil-1309Melissa + Neil-1642Melissa + Neil-1450.BWMelissa + Neil-1397Melissa + Neil-1506Melissa & Neil-2319Melissa + Neil-1909.BWMelissa + Neil-280.BW

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